Sereal Girls

showing the complexities of female beauty, without photoshop

How to make a Sereal Girl: Take one gallon of milk, a box of cereal, a clean tub and an inspiring fearless female. Pour all the ingredients in, and focus your lens. Now watch the magic happen.

My passion for enjoying life’s simple pleasures and highlighting feminine beauty came together in Sereal Girls— series about women feeling comfortable, confident and beautiful in their own skin, with no retouching.

I wanted to be able to show women that they are absolutely amazing just the way they are. No makeup, no hairstyle, no distracting outfit. By having an open dialogue about self love, beauty standards, and simply listening to the person in front of me, I was able to build a rapport with these women to capture authentic still images. I have photographed over 25 women for this project.

This opened many doors and conversations where we can openly talk about body image, beauty standards, and the pressure to live life flawlessly. I created a calendar for 2019 so anyone who purchases it will be inspired on a daily basis by these women's vulnerability.