illustration, narration and motion

I lead a team to create this animation in 24-hours for a volunteer event, Creat-A-Thon. OneLamp, a company in Uganda, asked to create an animation to educate children about the dangers of covid-19 and how to stay safe.

ART DIRECTOR - Deveney Williams
ILLUSTRATOR - Deveney Williams + Leah Snider
ANIMATOR - Leah Snider
SOUND EDITOR - Natalia Arias

In a 24-hour volunteer event, Create-A-Thon, we were tasked with giving a theater organization, Only Make Believe, a different identity from their headquarters in N.Y.C. We created a promotional video for their website to help tell their story and inspire prospective donors.

ART DIRECTOR - Deveney Williams
WRITER - Deveney Williams
ANIMATOR - Chanel James
EDITOR - Deveney Williams